Sinosteel Chifeng Jinxin Mining Company Holding a ...

On December 6, Sinosteel Chifeng Jinxin Mining Company Held a completion ceremony of myriad tons expansion project. Group leader Jiang Hong; Secretary of Chifeng Municipal Party Committee Hang Guilin, Mayor Wang Zhonghe, Director of Chifeng Peoples Congress Siri Gu, Vice Chairman of Chifeng Peoples Political Consultative Conference Buhe Zhaolu and related officials attended the completion ceremony.The establishment of strategic cooperation partnership between Sinosteel Corporation and Chifeng Municipal Peoples Government, develop on copper-molybdenum mine of the crest-hill in Songshan, operate myriad tons expansion project, which is an important measures for Sinosteel on its implement the scientific outlook on development, and also realize complement each others advantages and co-development between central enterprises and local economic, operation of the project will realize coordinated development between regional economic and enterprises.

Dazzling Firework Shine Upon The Brilliant Future of Sinosteel Chifeng Jinxin Mining Company
Leaders and Guests on the Celebrative Stand
Visiting the Photo Exhibition
Relevant Leaders and Guests Cutting the Ribbon