Sinosteel Australias 2009 Outlook

Sinosteel Australia 2009 Outlook


On the 12th January 2009 all staff took part in an internal meeting.  The meeting covered topics discussed during a conference that was held in Beijing for Sinosteel Corporation. 


The conference covered a brief summary of 2008 and what lies ahead for the corporation in 2009.


Sinosteel Corporation as all international companies will be facing many challenges this year:  It is encouraged that all staff recognise the current situation, keep confident and be realistic and pragmatic in all business related activities.


Sinosteel Corporation will continue to develop our areas of expertise in which we have a clear competitive advantage.   Sinosteel Corporation will continue to promote the organisation and continue to be committed to long term sustainable development. Especially under the financial crises it is important that Sinosteel Corporation continues to develop and improve.


Sinosteel Australia Pty Ltd also faces challenges in 2009, we will like Sinosteel Corporation will continue to promote the organisation and be committed to a long term sustainable development.  We encourage ourselves to adapt to the current financial market.  We will continue to strengthen our influence in the current market and make arduous efforts to support and follow the corporations integral strategic targets and goals. 


Sinosteel Australia Pty Ltd purpose is to create long-term value to the resource industry; we have financial strength, a diversity of services and customers, as well as access to global markets and an enviable platform of growth opportunities.  We are committed to a long-term sustainable development.