Chrome ore

Chrome Ore is an indispensable mineral resource for metallurgical industry, chemical industry and national defense. It is used in the hardening of steel alloys and the production of stainless steels, in corrosion-resistant decorative platings, and as a pigment in glass. The chrome ore is found principally in South Africa, Kazakstan, Zimbabwe, Finland, India, Turkey, and Algeria. China has a limited resources of chrome ore, which mainly distributes in Tibet and Sinkiang. 

ASA Metals Pty., Ltd., is the joint venture established by Sinosteel and South Africa Northern Company in early 1997, and sixty percent of the shares are held by Sinosteel. This project is China_s largest resource investment project on stream in South Africa. It has a chrome  reserve of 45 Mt, which is four to five times as much as the total chrome reserve in China. The main products include: foundry chrome sand,metallurgical grade chrome sand, metallurgical chrome lump and high quality charging high carbon ferrochrome, which are sold to Japan,South Korea, Europe, USA, China and so on. 

Sinosteel Produces And Supplies: Chrome Lump, Ferrochrome, Metallurgical Chrome Fines and Chrome Chips and etc.