Ferrochrome is a finishing material which contains about 70% chromium alloyed with iron. It is used when it is desired to add chromium to steel. According to the content of carbon, ferrochromium be categorized to high carbon ferrochromium, medium carbon ferrochromium, low carbon ferrochromium and extra-low carbon ferrochromium. High carbon ferrochromium can be addition reagent of alloy for ball bearing steel, tool steel and high-speed steel which is having high content of carbon, in order to improve the characteristics of steel for absolute quenching, abrasion resistance and rigidity. High carbon ferrochromium can also be the addition reagent for cast iron to improve the characteristics of cast iron in abrasion resistance, rigidity and making the cast iron in better condition of heat-resistance. Medium and low carbon are used in making medium and low carbon alloy constructional steel to make gear, vane of high pressure fan and valve.