Refractories for steelmaking industry

Sinosteel supplies: Silica brick for coke oven, Mullite brick and mullite-sic brick for dry -quenching coke, MgO-Al2O3 spinel brick for lime kiln, Low creep mullite brick for hot stove, Sillimanite brick and mullite brick, Andalusite brick, Low creep high aluminum brick for hot stove, Sillica brick for hot stove, Mullite based pre-assembly brick for ceramic burner, Mullite based & composite mullite based pre-assembly brick, Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide brick, Sialon-bonded sic brick, Sialon-corundum brick, Corundum-mullite brick, Composite brown corundum brick, Aluminum carbon brick for blast furnace, Castable for die block of blast furnace stack, Magnesia-calcium brick, Unshaped refractory for trough, Without baking ramming and self-flowing unshaped material for blast furnace trough, Al2O3-SiC-C Brick, Silicon Carbide & Sialon Bonded Corundum Block For Blast Furnace etc.