Electrolyzed metal manganese

This plant has been engaging in the research and development of manganese products over the years, its main products include Mn2O4 and metal manganese powder, of which the high-purity Mn2O4 is raw material of Mn-Zn ferrites developed by our company. All of the used raw material and auxiliary material are highly purified and refined. Due to using advanced process control approach and strict inspecting procedure, the impurity content in product is low, thus it is an ideal raw material for producing high-quality Mn-Zn ferrites. 

The production technology of this plant is advanced and the product quality is stable. The plant is situated to the north side of the Yangtze River Bridge, and by No. 312 state highway, ensuring a convenient transportation and rapid commodity delivery. All customers from both China and foreigh countries are warmly welcome to the plant for talking over business.