Manager Desk

 From the Managing Director

       Sinosteel Australia Pty Ltd is based in Western Australia and first became actively involved in the Australian resource sector with the signing of the Channar Mining Joint Venture agreement in 1987.


At the time of its commencement, the Channar Mining Joint Venture was one of the largest overseas investments between China and Australia.   Channar was the first overseas mineral resource project entered into by a Chinese enterprise.  The project received considerable support from both Australian and Chinese Governments and remains an important Chinese overseas investment project.


Sinosteel Australia Pty Ltd has over 20 years of successful operations in Western Australia via this project and we are now starting to focus on other projects in not only Western Australia but also Australia wide including the South Pacific.


In building on China’s growth Sinosteel Australia is focusing on Exploration and Trade in Australia and New Zealand. We have gain several tenements in Northern Territory and New Zealand, which consists of various mineral bodies such as, Iron sands and Manganese.  We will continue to be more active with our project interests in both tenements.


Our trade desk has rapidly increased since 2006 mainly focusing on raw materials, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals.


Over the last year it has been very busy time for Sinosteel Australia with some major events taking place, the most significant being late in 2010 when the agreement was signed to extend the Channar Joint Venture with Rio Tinto.  This extention will allow for a further 50 million tonnes of iron ore to be produced. 


In facing the  conditions in today’s market, Sinosteel will continue to grow and develop by taking advantages of our strengths.   We will constantly seek new sources of competitive advantage wherever possible, to prosper and achieve real growth for the whole organisation.


Sinosteel Australia will continue the drive towards a high performance organisation and is committed to being a global leader in the resources industry.   We will continue to actively manage, build, and strengthen our core businesses, be forthright in our communications and consistently deliver on commitments to our clients and customers.  We value win-win relationships by having strong business relationships with our clients and customers, which focuses on the creation of value for all parties involved.


Sinosteel Australia Pty Ltd purpose is to create long-term value to the resource industry; we have financial strength, a diversity of services and customers, as well as access to global markets and an enviable platform of growth opportunities.  We are committed to a long-term sustainable development.